Ted Davis – Artist/Owner


Born in Trinidad and Tobago, Ted Davis has made picture-making a passion since aged nine, when his father, an avid photographer, presented him with the gift of a Kodak Instamatic camera. “My parents always encouraged my talents” he says, and that encouragement led to Davis beginning his photography career whiles studying theatre at the University of Texas at Austin.  “The other student actors hired me to do their head shots!’ He went on to spend twenty years in Los Angeles, California, working both as a pro-photographer (Perseus Publishing, Warner Bros Television) and a film and television actor, with numerous acting roles on television programs (Seinfeld, Married With Children, The West Wing.)  Reflecting on his Hollywood past, Davis says “Creating a compelling image, from my perspective, is all theatre, very similar to directing a film or play.  A story is created with color, setting, light and texture as actors in the show.  Each has a key role to play. I also love the history of photography. From Nicephore Niepce who created the very first photograph with tar, to the latest digital tech and everything in between, I love it all and it influences my work, it’s part of the show.”

The show he creates, whether a sumptuous still-life, a luminous landscape, or portrait, is always a rich piece of striking art.  Photographs by Ted Davis are collected by a wide range of international clients, both private and corporate, and as a member of The Royal Photographic Society of the UK, many of his  photographs have been exhibited in its prestigious international exhibitions.

Recalling that camera gift from his father: “I still have it and cherish it! His love of picture-making and story-telling is alive within me always, and were he alive today, he’d say ‘Well done, Ted! ”

Ted Davis Galería de Fotografía uses the very best materials made available to date in archival papers, and archival inks, ensuring print permanence and quality.  Each print is individually printed by Davis, and is numbered and signed by the artist.


Ted’s photographs highlight his skillful artistry of observation. He’s a master and a genuine gent. I’m pleased to have collected several of his photos from their successful gallery!

Bonnie Luria

We have been collecting Ted’s inspired photography for 10 years and each time we visit his gallery we cannot help but walk out with a new piece. Ted has a keen eye and his printing skills are extraordinary!

Kevin & Julie Brandt