Resitir, 2017

Craneo del Toro, 2017

Sombrero Charro Fino, 2015. The Charro, a mix of chivalry and expert horsemanship.

Charro en Azul

El Rejoneador, San Miguel de Allende. A rejoneador is a bullfighter who fights the bull on horseback. This particular show was a ‘bloodless’ bullfight, where the object of the rejoneador was to get close enough to place a hat on the angry charging bull.


Calavera Blanca. Life-sized skulls made of sugar and elaborately decorated are a big part of Dios de Los Muertos in Mexico.


La Catrina Pequeña, 2016. Dios de Los Muertos is an unforgettable experience in Mexico. This unusual round photograph is printed on textured watercolor paper.


‘The TV Room’ was photographed in San Miguel de Allende at an old hacienda, empty except for this television, left behind. This photograph was part of The Royal Photography Society of Great Britain’s 158th Annual International Print Exhibition.


Bodegon Mexicano, 2014. This was the first photograph I created after moving to San Miguel de Allende in 2014.


Cuarto de Oro, 2017. These old houses of San Miguel are quickly changing, fast becoming boutique hotels and restaurants.


Aldama, en una tarde de oro. Colorful San Miguel de Allende is one of the most enchanting towns in the world.

Calle Corregidora, San Miguel de Allende, 2015

Jaripeo, 2015. ‘Jaripeo’ is the word for the Mexican rodeo, where vaqueros (cowboys) and their horses demonstrate expert bull roping and bronco riding skills.

La Santa Cruz

Guanajuato, 2015. Centuries of silver mining made Guanajuato into one of the oldest and richest towns in Mexico.

Duchas de San Miguel de Allende

Palmas de Troncones


Over the Top, Otomi